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Multifunctional Rice Color Sorting Machine

Short Description:

The multifunctional rice color sorting machine, also known as the rice colour sorter, sorts out the rice grains according to the color difference of the original rice due to abnormal phenomena such as stone grains, rotten rice, black rice, and semi-brown rice. The high-resolution CCD optical sensor drives the mechanical sorter to separate different grain materials, and automatically sorts out the different-colored grains in the batch of uncooked rice; removing these impurities in this process can improve the quality of the rice.

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Multifunctional rice color sorter application

Techik multifunctional rice color sorting machine is widely used for the sorting and grading of various rice. Chalky rice sorting, simultaneous discolor & chalky rice sorting, yellow, chalky & broken rice sorting can be conducted by Techik multifunctional rice color sorting machine. In addition, the multifunctional rice color sorting machine can also be used in such agricultural products industries as grains, oats, beans, nuts, vegetables, fruit and etc.

Common malignant impurities can be sorted out, for example: glass, plastic, ceramic, cable tie, metal, insect, stone, mouse droppings, desiccant, thread, flake, heterogeneous grain, seed stone, straw, grain hull, grass seeds, crushed buckets, paddy, etc.

The sorting performance of Techik multifunctional rice color sorting machine.

Multifunctional Rice1
Multifunctional Rice2
Multifunctional Rice3
Multifunctional Rice4

Multifunctional rice color sorting machine features

Self-developed rice operating software.
Preset multiple schemes, choose the best to use immediately.
The default boot guide, the interface is simple and easy to understand.
Human-computer interaction is simple and efficient.

No manual intervention, deep self-learning.
Intelligent recognition of subtle differences.
Fast realization of simple operation mode.

Multifunctional rice color sorting machine parameters

Channel Number Total Power Voltage Air Pressure Air Consumption Dimension  (L*D*H)(mm) Weight
3×63 2.0 kW 180~240V
0.6~0.8MPa  ≤2.0  m³/min 1680x1600x2020 750 kg
4×63 2.5 kW ≤2.4  m³/min 1990x1600x2020 900 kg
5×63 3.0 kW ≤2.8  m³/min 2230x1600x2020 1200 kg
6×63 3.4 kW ≤3.2  m³/min 2610x1600x2020 1400k g
7×63 3.8 kW ≤3.5  m³/min 2970x1600x2040 1600 kg
8×63 4.2 kW ≤4.0m3/min 3280x1600x2040 1800 kg
10×63 4.8 kW ≤4.8  m³/min 3590x1600x2040 2200 kg
12×63 5.3 kW ≤5.4  m³/min 4290x1600x2040 2600 kg

1. This parameter takes Japonica Rice as an example (the impurity content is 2%), and the above parameter indicators may vary due to different materials and impurity content.
2. If the product is updated without notice, the actual machine shall prevail.

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