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Over years, Techik color sorter is specialized in sorting seeds of tomato, chia, flax, pepper and etc.

Techik color sorter:
Impurity sorting: blackheads in tomato and pepper seeds: yellow flax seeds, brown flax seeds, white chia seeds, gray chia seeds.

Malignant impurity sorting: clod, stones, glass, cloth pieces, paper, cigarette butts, plastic, metal, ceramics, slag, carbon residue, woven bag rope, bones.

Techik X-ray inspection system:
Foreign body inspection: plastic, rubber, wooden pole, stone, mud, glass, metal.

Impurity inspection: Organic impurities such as black mold and straw can be rejected from sunflower seeds, impurities such as black mold, melon flesh can be rejected from pumpkin seeds.

Techik Intelligent Production Line:
Techik Color Sorter + Intelligent X-ray Inspection System aim to help you achieve 0 impurity with 0 labor.