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Both baked coffee beans and green coffee beans can be sorted by Techik Color Sorters, which can accurately sort and reject green and empty coffee beans from baked coffee beans.

Techik color sorter:
Impurity sorting:
Baked coffee beans: green coffee beans (yellow and brown), charred coffee beans (black), empty and broken beans.
Green coffee beans: disease spot, rust, empty shell, broken, macular
Malignant impurity sorting: clod, stones, glass, cloth pieces, paper, cigarette butts, plastic, metal, ceramics, slag, carbon residue, woven bag rope, bones.

Techik X-ray inspection system:
Foreign body inspection: stone, glass, metal among coffee beans.

Techik Intelligent Production Line:
Techik Color Sorter + Intelligent X-ray Inspection System aim to help you achieve 0 impurity with 0 labor.

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