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  • How does sorting machine work?

    How does sorting machine work?

    Sorting machines revolutionize the way products are sorted and categorized. These machines utilize sophisticated mechanisms and advanced technologies to efficiently sort items based on specific criteria. Understanding the fundamental principles behind their operation she...
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  • What does a color sorter do?

    What does a color sorter do?

    Color sorters are advanced machines designed to accurately and efficiently sort various materials or objects based on their color. These machines are employed across diverse industries, including agriculture, food processing, recycling, and manufacturing, where precise sorting is crucial for qual...
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  • What can a grain color sorter do?

    What can a grain color sorter do?

    A grain color sorter is a machine used in the agricultural and food processing industries to sort grains, seeds, and other agricultural products based on their color. The process of how a grain color sorter works can be broken down into the following steps: Feeding and Dispensing: Grains are fed...
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  • Techik whole chain inspection and sorting solution: pistachio industry

    Techik whole chain inspection and sorting solution: pistachio industry

    Pistachios, often referred to as the “rock stars” among nuts, have been steadily rising in popularity, and consumers are now demanding higher quality and production standards. Additionally, pistachio processing companies face challenges such as high labor costs, production pressure, ...
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  • Revolutionizing Sorting Technologies: Unveiling the Future of Precise Industry Sorting

    In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing and agriculture, the demand for efficient, reliable, and precise sorting processes is paramount. Traditional color sorters have long been the workhorses of the sorting industry, but they often face limitations that hinder their ability to meet the i...
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  • Advancements in Sorting Technologies: A Comprehensive Overview of Visible and Infrared Light Applications

    In recent years, the sorting industry has witnessed remarkable advancements due to the integration of cutting-edge technologies. Among these, the application of visible and infrared light sorting technology has gained significant prominence. This article explores the different lights used in sort...
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