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  • Rice Colour Sorter Optical Sorter

    Rice Colour Sorter Optical Sorter

    Techik rice colour sorter optical sorter is to remove defective or discolored rice grains from the main product stream, ensuring that only high-quality, uniform, and visually appealing rice grains make it to the final packaging. Common defects that a rice color sorter can identify and remove include discolored grains, chalky grains, black-tipped grains, and other foreign materials that might affect the quality and appearance of the final rice product.

  • Multifunctional Rice Color Sorting Machine

    Multifunctional Rice Color Sorting Machine

    The multifunctional rice color sorting machine, also known as the rice colour sorter, sorts out the rice grains according to the color difference of the original rice due to abnormal phenomena such as stone grains, rotten rice, black rice, and semi-brown rice. The high-resolution CCD optical sensor drives the mechanical sorter to separate different grain materials, and automatically sorts out the different-colored grains in the batch of uncooked rice; removing these impurities in this process can improve the quality of the rice.