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Sorting issues about corn seeds, frozen corns, waxy corns processors can be solved by Techik color sorters.

Techik color sorter:
Impurity sorting:
Corn seeds: black moldy corns, heterochromatic corns, half corns, broken, white spots, stems.
Frozen corns: blackheads, mildew, half corns, poles, stalks.
Waxy corns: heterochromatic corns.
Malignant impurity sorting: clod, stones, glass, cloth pieces, paper, cigarette butts, plastic, metal, ceramics, slag, carbon residue, woven bag rope, bones.

Techik X-ray inspection system:
Foreign body inspection: plastic, rubber, wooden poles, stones, mud, glass, and metal in corn kernels can be inspected.

Techik Intelligent Production Line:
Techik Color Sorter + Intelligent X-ray Inspection System aim to help you achieve 0 impurity with 0 labor.