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With accumulated experience, Techik color sorter is export in conducting shape and color sorting for both uncooked peanuts and processed peanuts.

Techik color sorter:
Techik color sorter can achieve sorting long peanuts from round ones, light-colored single/sprouted/immature/ heterogeneous/spoiled peanuts, insects, animal droppings, straw, peanuts with mold inside and etc.

Techik X-ray inspection system:
Foreign body inspection: plastic, rubber, wooden pole, stone, mud, glass, metal.

Impurity inspection: Unshelled and sprouted peanuts can be rejected from the peanut kernels; empty shells, missing fruits, muddy lumps, peanut shells and stalks, small-sized fruits, and embedded steel sand fruits can be rejected from peanut fruits.

Techik Intelligent Production Line:
Techik Color Sorter + Intelligent X-ray Inspection System aim to help you achieve 0 impurity with 0 labor.

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