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Join Techik in Zunyi Chili Expo: reject impurity and foreign body precisely

The 8th Guizhou Zunyi International Chili Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Chili Expo”) will be grandly held from August 23rd to 26th, 2023, at the Rose International Convention and Exhibition Center in Xinpu New District, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province.

At booth J05-J08, Techik will showcase a professional team during the exhibition, presenting a variety of machine models and inspection solutions including intelligent visual sorting machines, intelligent X-ray foreign object inspection system, and combo metal detector and checkweigher. Together, we will explore the path to high-quality development in the chili industry.

Chili Raw Material Sorting

Replacing manual labor, detecting and rejecting stems, pedicles, caps, mold, and husks.

Addressing the grading and sorting challenges of chili raw materials, Techik’s dual-layer intelligent visual sorting machine, powered by high-definition imaging and AI deep learning algorithms, can replace manual labor to detect and reject substandard items such as stems, pedicles, caps, mold, husks, metals, stones, glass, zip ties, buttons, and foreign objects. This solution is applicable to different types of chili, including Facing Heaven Pepper, Erjing Tiao, and Beijing Red. For different types of chili raw materials, there are various specifications and models to choose from, including a wide-angle option.

Join Techik in Zunyi Chili Expo1Chili Processing Inspection

Aiding in solving the persistent issue of foreign hair contaminants.

For quality issues like discoloration and foreign materials in products such as chili powder during processing, Techik’s ultra-high-definition intelligent conveyor belt visual sorting machine, in addition to intelligent color and shape sorting, can not only detect and reject impurities such as stems, pedicles, and caps in products like chili powder, but also replace manual labor to detect mild foreign objects like hair, feathers, thin ropes, paper pieces, and insect corpses.

Join Techik in Zunyi Chili Expo2

Its high protection level and advanced sanitary design make it suitable for a variety of fruits, vegetables, and food processing scenarios, including fresh, frozen, and freeze-dried products, as well as sorting scenes for fried and baked foods.

Detection of Metal and Non-Metal Foreign Objects During Chili Processing

Addressing the detection needs of metal and non-metal foreign objects during chili product processing, Techik’s dual-energy bulk type intelligent X-ray foreign object inspection system is equipped with dual-energy high-speed and high-definition TDI detectors, offering higher and more stable detection accuracy. This significantly enhances the detection of low-density foreign objects, aluminum, glass, PVC, and other thin materials.

Packaged Chili Product Inspection

Online detection of foreign objects, seal integrity, and weight.

For packaged chili products, Techik’s integrated checkweigher, dual-energy intelligent X-ray foreign object detection machine, and special leak oil clip device for intelligent X-ray foreign object detection can meet the detection needs of chili companies, including foreign object detection, seal integrity, and online weight detection.

Experience the future of chili industry inspection at Techik’s booth. Our AI-powered solutions redefine how we ensure food safety, setting new benchmarks for accuracy and reliability.

Post time: Aug-22-2023