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Corn Color Sorter

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Techik Corn Color Sorter

Techik Corn Color Sorter can effectively conduct corn seeds, frozen corn, waxy corn, various grains, and wheat selection via shape sorting and color sorting. In terms of corn seeds, Techik Corn Color Sorter can sort out black moldy corn, heterochromatic corn, half corns, broken, white spots, stems and etc. For frozen corn, blackheads, mildew, half corn, poles, and stalks can be sorted out. Heterochromatic corns can be separated from waxy corns. What’s more, malignant impurity sorting: clod, stones, glass, cloth pieces, paper, cigarette butts, plastic, metal, ceramics, slag, carbon residue, woven bag rope, and bones.

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Techik Corn Color Sorter Features

Techik Corn Color Sorter is featured with the following advantages:
1.Fully automatic temperature control cooling LED lighting.
2.Flexible color mixing background to switch RGB with one click.
3.Convenient for getting out the finished products and the reject.
4.Sorting image can be saved, analyzed and printed.
Techik Techik Corn Color Sorter sorting performance: (Take corn as an example.)

Impurity sorting:
Corn seeds:black moldy corns, heterochromatic corns, half corns, broken, white spots, stems.
Frozen corns: blackheads, mildew, half corns, poles, stalks.
Waxy corns: heterochromatic corns.
Malignant impurity sorting: clod, stones, glass, cloth pieces, paper, cigarette butts, plastic, metal, ceramics, slag, carbon residue, woven bag rope, bones.

The sorting performance of Techik Corn Color Sorters:

corn 1
corn 2
corn 3

Techik Corn Color Sorter Application

Sorting corn kernels by color: Corn color sorters can sort corn kernels into different color grades, such as yellow, white, and other colors.

Removing defective kernels: Corn color sorters can identify and remove defective corn kernels, such as kernels with mold, damage, or other quality issues, which may affect the overall quality of the corn product.

Improving corn quality: Corn color sorters can help improve the quality of corn kernels by ensuring that only kernels of the desired color or appearance are included in the final product. Corn color sorters can ensure that corn kernels in the final product have consistent color and appearance, which can help maintain a uniform texture, taste, and visual appeal of the corn.

Techik Corn Color Sorter Parameters

Channel Number Total Power Voltage Air Pressure Air Consumption Dimension  (L*D*H)(mm) Weight
3×63 2.0 kW 180~240V
0.6~0.8MPa  ≤2.0  m³/min 1680x1600x2020 750 kg
4×63 2.5 kW ≤2.4  m³/min 1990x1600x2020 900 kg
5×63 3.0 kW ≤2.8  m³/min 2230x1600x2020 1200 kg
6×63 3.4 kW ≤3.2  m³/min 2610x1600x2020 1400k g
7×63 3.8 kW ≤3.5  m³/min 2970x1600x2040 1600 kg
8×63 4.2 kW ≤4.0m3/min 3280x1600x2040 1800 kg
10×63 4.8 kW ≤4.8  m³/min 3590x1600x2040 2200 kg
12×63 5.3 kW ≤5.4  m³/min 4290x1600x2040 2600 kg

1. This parameter takes Japonica Rice as an example (the impurity content is 2%), and the above parameter indicators may vary due to different materials and impurity content.
2. If the product is updated without notice, the actual machine shall prevail.

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